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Tesco Metro 'Pop in and pay more'

Monday, 15 February 2010 11:10

It's surprising to learn that Tesco Express charges more for some products than other Tesco stores. You might think that buying from Tesco you would pay the same price in all their stores, but that's not the case in Ireland.

Take for instance Tesco Greek Style Yoghurt, this comes in a 500 grams pot and costs €1.25 at Tesco Wilton but go to Tesco Express which is about 1 km away and for the identical product you will pay 50% more, an incredible €1.85.

How Tesco can justify charging 50% more for the same product beggars belief.

The sign on the front of Tesco Express needs re-wording, instead of 'Pop in and pay less' it should read 'Pop in and pay more'.

tesco express pop in and pay more


Essentail Property Services Ltd, Cork

Thursday, 29 January 2009 20:40

The company, Essential Property Services Ltd of Cork is a building services company. They manage an apartment block in Cork that was built recently.

In the past both water and electricity have been unavailable for varying lengths of time without warning. To be fair to the company this has usually been caused by factors outside their control. Unscheduled disconnection of electricity or water is most inconvenient especially as it means there is no water to flush toilets, wash-up or run any appliances. If you are taking a shower it really is a disaster to find yourself covered in soap when the water goes off.

What irritates some residents is not being kept sufficiently informed about problems and more importantly, what is being done to rectify them. Some residents would like a noticeboard in the hall or above the mailboxes on which details of work-in-progress or emergency work could be posted. A representative of Essentail Property Services Ltd said this was not possible for a number of reasons, and that Essential Property Services Ltd maintains a list of mobile telephone and other contact details for each building, and does issue updates as work progresses.

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Tesco Ireland wine offer

Tuesday, 16 December 2008 12:02

This complaint was sent to Tesco Ireland Limited
as an attachment to an email on 15 September 2008

tesco wine carrier wording

Tesco Ireland Limited
Dear Sir or Madam:,

Labelling of your wine offer

I am writing to suggest a change to the wording of your wine discount. Namely the 5% off that is mentioned on your wine carriers and shelf labels.
On Saturday, 13 September 2008 I was purchasing wine at Wilton branch here in Cork. On this occasion I only wanted to purchase 9 bottles. I was not entirely sure that the 5% discount applied to multiples of 6 bottles or as it says on the wine carrier ‘. . . any 6 bottles or more . . .'.
I asked the checkout operator and she was adamant that the discount applied to only multiples of 6 bottles. I pointed out the wording on the wine carrier - you will find the actual item enclosed with this letter. She shrugged he shoulders and said it was multiples of 6. I duly went and got another 3 bottles of wine to make up the selection. I really didn't want another 3 bottles now, I would have preferred to purchase more on a future date and keep the 35 euros.
I think you should change the wording on both your wine carriers and shelf labels immediately, so that it reads ‘5% off . . . when you pick & mix any 6 bottles of wine or multiples of 6 bottles.' that will eliminate any confusion that I and other customers are experiencing.
I will be interested to hear your comments on this issue.

Yours faithfully,

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