Trust in me - I have all the answers

Some people are cynical about politicians and joke about it . . .

Q: How do you know when a politician in lying?

A: Their lips are moving!

What has gone wrong for NuLabour and why do we want to see the back of them?

I suggest that it comes down to trust.

There is no longer any trust between the people and the government.

We don't trust them, and they certainly don't trust us - let's look at some examples shortly. Do you recall the months just after NuLabour came to power? There was an air of expectancy and excitement, and indeed there were real changes that were welcome. Then as time went by progress seemed to stagnate, Gordon Brown introduced more and more taxes, especially stealth taxes that sounded innocent but hit the people hard.

We only have to recall the 10p tax rate fiasco of 2007, Gordon Brown trumpeted the 2p reduction in the basic tax rate in 2007, but hit the fact that millions of the lowest paid, and retired people would pay more taxes. When the change came into effect a year later even his own party were taken by surprise and demanded action. So it is with many other taxes. How many women realise that they will be working and extra 8 years before they can retire?

Gordon loves surveillance. The UK has more surveillance cameras than any other country so each one of us will be photographed at least 300 times a day as we go about our business. Whether it's the high street, railway stations, bus stations, trains, buses, taxis or public and private buildings, wherever one goes the surveillance is ever present and increasing every day. The police record car journeys routinely. Life has become a constant battle between the a government hell bent on micro-management of peoples' lives and the citizens of the country.

Soon (2008) the innocent sounding Contact Point comes into operation, costing a million pounds a week to run and 80 Million to set up this massive database will hold details of every child in the country - without asking parents. Anyone connected with children will have to keep them under surveillance and make reports. This is frightening stuff.

But Gordon and Labour have more in store, soon you will have to be fingerprinted and iris scanned to get a passport, then id card. This is Labour.


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