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Friday, 30 January 2009 09:33


Listen to the People dot co dot uk uses material from the public domain and its own authors.

We have not intention of using copyright material except in the normal, accepted ways such as critical review or drawing attention to that material.

Where logos or other marks are shown they are the property of their individual owners and are used soley for the purposes of identification. There is no association claimed, or intended.

If any person or organisation objects to the use of their logo or other mark then it will be removed from our site if a written objection is made clearly stating the objection and reason(s).

If anyone can show that we have used their copyright material then on written notification and proof that the material is the property of someone else then it will be promptly removed from our site.

Material of this site is copyright and can not be copied or used in any way without permission. This will not be unreasonabley witheld. Weblinks to our pages are welcome, no permission is necessary unless these are to appear within a frame or without a navigation bar on the page. Reciprocal links are welcome.


We do not collect personal information about visitors to our site.

We do highlight what we consider to be poor customer service and to do this we need to identify companies and individuals who hold public office, for example the prime minister. We consider that it is part of these companies and individuals role to accept different views of their performance and attitudes, and any factors that might influence their judgement. As such all these matters are legitimate subjects for comment, good or bad.

We do not seek to identify individuals other than people in public office or any who might have already been identified by name in other media. Where we publish letters from companies then we will disguise or not publish the name of the individual unless they hold a senior position within their organisation, for example company directors.

We publish google adverts that are related to material on our pages.

Quotations and comment

Where we quote material from companies etc it is clearly identified.

Ommissions and comments are denoted by square brackets [  ].

In some cases paragraphs will be ommitted, this is usually because they contain sensitive material. An example might be a paragraph detailing compensation agreed as the result of a complaint. These are generally not published in case they are seen as an encouragement to others to complain and ask for compensation.

Submitted material including comments

Readers can leave comments on most of our articles.

By submitting any material to us, agree that . . .

you automatically grant us an irrevocable royalty-free perpetual licence to use reproduce modify edit adapt publish  create derivative works from distribute and display such material (in whole or part) worldwide.

you understand that we are not obliged to publish any material submitted.

you agree not to post any material that is threatening defamatory offensive, abusive liable or likely to incite racial hatred discriminatory blasphemous pornographic in breach of confidence in breach of privacy or
is not your own work

If you leave a comment and have second thoughts you can email us and we will make reasonable efforts to remove your comment, this may not be easy if it has been quoted by other people in their comments.

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