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Have your say at the BBC is down - so enjoy Listen to the People dot co dot UK

Tuesday, 05 May 2009 20:56

Yes, the BBC's Have Your Say is down, and likely to be off line for a few more days, but don't despair, you can always post your comments here on Listen to the people.

Send us your comments, browse our pages and read a different angle on some of the big stories of the day. We guarantee no political correctness, just down to earth stories that are making the news and a wicked sense of humour that will no amuse some people.

We intend to comment on the major stories, and express ourselves, which means that usually the government will be on the receiving end . . . which is usually where they ought to be!


Reasons to be cheerful

Saturday, 31 January 2009 11:40

DEBATE: Reasons to be cheerful?

SENT: 19-Jan-2009 22:20


every day that goes by is a day nearer the general election



What's wrong with this comment?

One of the things that cheers me up is the thought that this government can not go on for ever, at some point they will have to call an election and then I will get the opportunity to vote.

The BBC does not like certain comments even though they appear to fit their policies. If you have rejected comments that look reasonable why not send them to us for inclusion on these pages?


BBC Have Your Say does not like negative comments about 2012 olympics

Tuesday, 19 August 2008 19:27

As is often the case there does not seem to be anything that contravenes the BCC house rules, but they don't like comments that suggest anything negative about the olympics in 2012. The budget is already estimated to be 4 times the amount that won the bid, but no-one is pointing fingers - they should be. Would we accept any other costs going up 400% ?

DEBATE: Will success in Beijing inspire UK athletes for 2012?

SENT: 16-Aug-2008 11:04

COMMENT: the whole olympic thing is a total waste of time and money, ten billion for 2012 and rising every day, Londoners will be paying for 30 years and for what?

It would have been better to pay for anyone who wanted to go to Paris out of taxes and a lot more fun too.



A level results and tractor production figures

Saturday, 16 August 2008 10:09

DEBATE: How important are A-level results?

SENT: 15-Aug-2008 07:15

COMMENT: A level results in the UK - tractor production statistics in soviet Russia - both so important that they warrant government spin and propaganda.

You can't trust anything you hear


What is wrong with this comment?

It seems perfectly reasonable, so why did the moderators reject it?